Myanmar is a country rich in history and culture. The history and culture of Myanmar are based heavily on their conservative Buddhist beliefs and the early Kingdom of Pagan. Combine this with the number of ethnic groups and traditions and it makes Myanmar a unique travel destination in South East Asia.

Myanmar has many destinations that will satiate all types of travel appetite. Yangon is the commercial capital of Myanmar and is the most progressive city in the country. While other cities are lagging behind in trendy pop-up shops, technology startups (the first virtual reality company just emerged recently) and co-working spaces, Yangon is the hip, relatively undiscovered southeast Asian city you’ve been looking for. Plus, it has Shwedagon Pagoda and amazing restaurants. Bagan is another must-visit destination in Myanmar. Pagodas, pagodas, pagodas. There is nowhere else quite like it in the world. Every year, Bagan draws thousands of tourists because of its hot air balloons, romantic skyline, and breathtaking sunsets. Mandalay could be considered the historical capital of Myanmar because it has managed to preserve traditions such as food, puppet shows, and weaving without getting “watered down” as it has in Yangon. Though some tourists claim there isn’t much to see here, its monasteries, palaces and pagodas are rich with history. Inle Lake is another popular destination for travelers to Myanmar. Come here for serene boat tours, leg-rowing fishermen, cooking classes, and a charming little winery.

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